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Grateful Dead Live at Sun Dome on 1985-10-26

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Grateful Dead Live at Sun Dome on 1985-10-26

Set 1:
d1t01 - Gimme Some Lovin' ->
d1t02 - Greatest Story Ever Told
d1t03 - Dupree's Diamond Blues
d1t04 - C C Rider
d1t05 - Stagger Lee
d1t06 - Me And My Uncle ->
d1t07 - Big River
d1t08 - Big Railroad Blues ->
d1t09 - Looks Like Rain ->
d1t10 - Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
d1t11 - Tuning
d1t12 - China Cat Sunflower ->
d1t13 - I Know You Rider
d2t01 - Man Smart (Woman Smarter) ->
d2t02 - He's Gone ->
d2t03 - Don't Need Love ->
d2t04 - Drums ->
d2t05 - Space ->
d2t06 - Comes A Time ->
d2t07 - Throwing Stones ->
d2t08 - Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
d2t09 - One More Saturday Night

d2t10 - Tuning
d2t11 - In The Midnight Hour

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Sun Dome
Location Tampa, Fl

Source SBD -> Cassette Master (Sony D5/Maxell MX90)
Lineage Cassette Master (Sony TC-WE475) -> Sony R500 (Pass Through) -> SEK'D Prodif Plus -> Samplitude Professional v8.01 -> FLAC
Taped by Paul Scotton and Joani Walker
Transferred by Charlie Miller, Jay Ashley


Patch Info:
AKG CE-1>Master Cassette>Dat>Cool Edit 2000>CD supplies:
Stagger Lee (0:00 - 0:02)
Space (0:00 - 0:24)

-- There was a LOUD hum in the 1st Set removed By Jay Ashley
-- Thanks to Paul Scotton and Joani Walker for the Cassettes


Reviewer: kbmill - - April 5, 2017
Subject: bread crumb
That might be the fastest tempo Stagger Lee ever.
Reviewer: kee-zeee - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 4, 2015
Subject: Krazy Kat peeking through a lace bandana
Nice SBD..but I wouldn't call it pristine in 85 standards..a solid show, but what I always come back for is the smoking China>Rider..listen to Phil's intro~! This show always leaves me with a Smile,Smile,Smile~Give it a Whirl>Forever Grateful>Forever Dead~!!!!!
Reviewer: GermanShepherd - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 19, 2015
Subject: How about that Dupree's
Lyrically terrible, vocally awful, but somehow just as interesting to try to figure out exactly what story Jer is trying to tell.
Reviewer: gordon hensley - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 22, 2014
Subject: pristine sbd, comes a time and midnight hour encore
i gotta give this 5 stars -- kind of a unique show once you engage with it... love the LLR in first set and the China Cat-Rider a good 2nd set opener. Comes a time and Midnight Hour are excellent. Bobby's rap at end of Midnight Hour a bit different than protocol -- like it.
Reviewer: c-freedom - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 21, 2014
Subject: Looks like RAIN at the SUN dome.
Nice start with 'Gimme Some Lovin' > 'Greatest'
I like when everybody gets in some vocals right out of the gate and Gimme certainly affords that nice Brent & Phil vocal combo.
Jerry gives a good Dupree's which I found to be a very peppy song in 85.
Not sure why but many first sets that I like have a 'CC-Rider' yet it never crosses my mind as a fantasy tune.
Stagger Lee is a pretty under rated tune. Jerry having some vocal issues which slows the tune somewhat but he let's loose on the guitar.
I guess that is Bob bending some notes with the slide.
A song like Stagger Lee is where a good soundboard is so nice.
I think I read where Me and My Uncle was the number one played Dead tune live. It was certainly one of the first ones I learned to sing.
>Big River-I think this tune has such a chaotic bounce to it. Easily one of my favorite tunes to dance to. You can go back to the early versions of this tune and the 74 European Tour and just get lost in this tune. This is a strong version in my book. Brent can play!
RxR Blues-another up tempo tune, they keep the same Rhythm as the 'Big River' so this is really cooking.(also why the arrows connecting tunes can be a little deceptive at times because this RAILROAD BLUES was totally built on the previous tasty BIG RIVER.)
A much needed LOOKS LIKE RAIN either that or they would have needed a set break.
Sometimes it is better to get that ballad then to lose the entire flow of the show. Sometimes I think I am in a Bob Seeger song when Jerry plays his guitar during this tune.
"It surely looks like RAIN"> 'Don't Ease'---Brent is all over this one with slashing keyboard.
A well played 1st set.
Wow, Phil has a funky lead into the 'China Cat' and based on the ground they had already covered in SET 1 you could bet the jam would be sizzling.
If you have ever been to U.S.F. that arena is tucked into this grid system that the state colleges use in Florida to lay out a campus.
Not sure how it was in 1985 but when I did my Masters in 2005 it was a good place to hang with lots of mature shade trees and cool botanicals and lots of lawn, play Frisbee or whatever.
Great transition into 'I know you rider'.
Women are Smarter always seemed pretty subjective to me sometimes I would be dancing with a girl and this would be a great tune and other times I was hanging with the fella's and I was just like -I don't need love.
He's Gone---It seemed like some of the air went out of the sails with that Women are Smarter but He's Gone is a great tune to rebuild momentum.
I am very spoiled with the Soundboards if I have any kind of plan musically at IA it is to listen to each and every soundboard before getting into any of the audience recordings.(That may take awhile)
I am not overly impressed with this 'He's Gone' and for me it is the Women are Smarter that preceded it that should take the rap.
Nice Harmonies by Brent about 9:00 minutes into He's Gone and instead of a jam into space it is 'I don't need love' which is probably the most true blues for the Dead since Pigpen unleashed 'the Stranger/ Two Souls'
This is not an easy song to listen to at times but we have all been there and when you are there you don't want to really hear this song and when your in clover you are just like -oh, just snap out of it already!(Not sure if you could drop the F bomb at U.S.F in 85. I am sure some trustee was offended)Right into xylophone pretty sweet with the big drums getting dusted off.
This is a key moment- do you stay for drums and space or go check out the frat girls who have been hanging at the concession stand since the first set ended when they thought the show was already over.
Here come some brief disturbing Apocalypse Now type sounds which are mixing with the big drums meanwhile that same rhythm has been going for a full 5 minutes and there is the cut to space which is timed by jerry plugging back in (as it should be)
Jerry quoted as saying this was the most creative part of the show in the later years and I so agree and again that is why Soundboards are so nice.
A Jerry ballad out of space> 'Comes a Time' was great in 85. I remember that song just fitting where my life was at.
If any song in the repertoire sounds dated almost 30 years later it is probably 'T-Stones' but this was a very political song at the time. I felt every time I danced to this song I was making a statement. The video clips the Dead chose for this song in -SO FAR- were perfect.
The jam that comes in at the 4:20 mark was always one of my favorites. Wow Phil is dropping some heavy duty bombs!!!
"The whole world full of petty wars
saying I got mine, you got yours"
It is amazing to me that they could play anything but N.F.A after Stones but they sing their way into G.D.T.R.F.B while still doing the Ashes to Ashes harmony. This is a good call because they needed a good Jerry centered rocker and this is it. You could hear Jerry noodle the tune just before they hit the vocals. Now here you have the band firing on all cylinders. This was the point in the show where I just wanted to let it all go and dance, dance, dance,
Now in later years the G.D.T.R.F.B would have been it for the set but the boys do a great instrumental lead into Saturday Night.
In all fairness to BOB it can't be easy trying to get out vocals with the band rocking out into the stratosphere
E) MIDNIGHT HOUR- This was a good tune for the Dead to revive it had it's own distinctiveness that made it very different from the version they had played with Pigpen.
A real good choice for an encore and just a very happy go lucky song. They played it best probably when they played it for New Year's. (Also caught a nice one at M.S.G in the 1st set)
This is a good show maybe not in the best of 85 category but hey 'i want to Thank y'all for coming by tonight, We couldn't do what we do without nobody else but you'-Bob Weir
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